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Headquartered in the Helmsley Building in Midtown New York City, Odds N Ends focuses on bringing simple ideas to the market taking an evolutional, as opposed to revolutionary, approach to product design. Our firm focuses on simple ideas that can get to the market quickly without the need to overhaul existing product lines and without excessive costs that can slow adoption into the market. We focus on getting what the consumer wants and on product lines that the consumer is already deeply familiar with. We always look to lower risk so as to increase potential returns for each product category. We focus on ideas within our circle of competence and avoid as best as possible areas outside our expertise.

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Areas of Focus

Grocery Store Market

Often confusing and overlooked, we focus on the product needs of the consumer in this market. When done correctly, it can lead to high volume, consistent buyers for life when you develop a product that resonates with the consumer.

Accessories for women’s beauty

Ideas for this market tend to grow extremely fast when a winning product idea is developed. Simple ideas tend to take hold very quickly and become the de facto standard for this industry almost overnight.

Direct-Response Television Market

Nowhere does the market move more quickly than in the Direct-Response Television Market. By focusing on getting products into this market, we are able to get a quick return on a new product category and fully saturate a new market.


Open innovation and the willingness of large companies to field ideas from outside companies has never been greater than at this present time. New abilities to market your products directly to consumers as well as new avenues for manufacturing and sales has allowed for innovative firms like Odds N Ends to thrive off finding niches in markets that have been often overlooked or forgotten about.

Consumer apparel

Creative wearables are getting adopted into the market at a quicker and quicker rate. The consumer is now more open to new ideas in this area like never before and is willing to try new terethings while trying to stay up with the times.

Other Markets…

While not explicitly tied to the above markets, we are always open to new ideas and better implementation of old processes. We do focus on products that are simple to implement and add value to the end user.


The value of an idea lies in the using of it.
— Thomas Edison


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